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Our long-term goal is to provide the best quality, fast-processed and affordable printing services available, so we constantly monitor the latest market trends to help our customers choose the most suitable printing products. Besides quality, we believe that a fast and precise work is just as equally important as a continuous communication with our clients. In addition to the domestic market, we have developed a great business relationship with several major European printing companies; clients from all over Europe contact us with their orders.
The essence of our company philosophy is that the appearance of the finished printing materials is one of the most important forms of a high-quality representation. We are aware of the fact that our clients need high-quality printing materials, because they thus ensure a condign introduction, the promotion and high-quality representation of the company. Therefore a convincing appearance and corporate identity is unimaginable without high-quality printing, the creation of which is our task.
We believe that in addition to the constant modernisation of our machinery, we must also lay a great emphasis on the continuous development of the skills of our colleagues, since any efforts would be futile in the absence of an adequate and up-to-date professional knowledge.


The OOK-Press team will help you, whatever your wishes are. We provide a complete printing service with unique technology, fast deadlines and delivery.
 Gergő Szathmáry
Business Development Manager
tel.: +36 (20) 364 56 76
e-mail: gergo@ookpress.hu
Attila Szathmáry
Executive Director
tel.: +36 (88) 425 260
Bálint Szathmáry
Factory manager
tel.: +36 (20) 910 77 76
e-mail: balint@ookpress.hu
Brigitta Horváth
Financial relations
tel.: +36 (70) 430 86 58
e-mail: brigitta@ookpress.hu
Melinda Németh
Export product manager
tel.: +36 (70) 362 36 34
e-mail: nemethm@ookpress.hu
Juci jobb
Judit Szűcs
Domestic product manager
tel.: +36 (70) 369 45 32
e-mail: szucs.judit@ookpress.hu
László Schreiner
Decorative production manager
tel.: +36 (70) 623 63 80
e-mail: laszlo@ookpress.hu
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