I. General Provisions
These general terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as GTC, contain the general terms and conditions of the contract made between OOK-PRESS Printing and Service Limited Liability Company (Pápai u. 37 / A, 8200 Veszprém, Hungary, CRN:19-09-500051) hereinafter referred to as the Contractor and its Clients, hereinafter referred to as the Customers – Contractor and Customer together hereinafter referred to as the Parties.
In certain cases, the Parties may decide to act in a way other than the standard contractual terms, they may enter into a separate Supplier and Contractor contract, but otherwise this GTC shall apply for both parties (Contractor and Customer) as well as the applicable legislation in accordance with other non-regulated matters. The contractor makes the valid GTC available on its website.

II. Quote
In accordance with the specifications provided by the Customer, the Contractor shall prepare a written quote, which shall be valid for 30 days after it is sent, even without a signature. This GTC shall form an inseparable part of the quote and the order, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties; its contents shall be binding for both parties. By signing the order, the Customer also accepts the contents of the GTC. During the quote the price is determined in a net price + VAT form. The quote includes the VAT and the environmental protection fee of 85 HUF/kg per advertising carrier paper and 19 HUF/kg or 57 HUF/kg per packaging material in accordance with Act No. LXXXV of 2011.

III.    Order
After accepting the quote, the Customer shall send a written order to the Contractor. The order shall include the work agreed on and documented during the preliminary quotation. If you have any other related, necessary information when placing the order, which was not part of the quote, that must be recorded in writing too when ordering, including e.g. the following: material, size, scope, price, number of pieces, requested deadline, delivery information, payment terms… etc. In case of a reference to the quote, the order will take effect, if the order is identical to the given quote in all respects and the Contractor sends the confirmation of the order. Any changes made by the Customer shall be accepted exclusively in writing by the Contractor. If there is a discrepancy between the given quote and the order, or during production there is a discrepancy between the ordered product or service and the previously agreed task, the Parties shall record that in writing, about which the Contractor shall send a confirmation or an amended quote to finalize the contract. The Contractor is entitled to use a subcontractor to perform the contract. In case of first order (or during data change), the Customer is liable to provide the data required for invoicing when ordering; billing name, registered office, tax number, postal address of the invoice, P.O.B., contact person and their contact details. The Contractor reserves the right to request a deposit or payment guarantee from the Customer in case of ordering. The Customer shall be notified of this request no later than the order is confirmed. In such cases, production of the ordered products can only start after the exact invoicing data and the advance payment have been received.

IV. Order Confirmation
In all cases, the Contractor must send a written confirmation of the ordered product within 3 working days. Unless the Customer requests otherwise, the confirmation will be sent in the form of an email. With the confirmation of the order, the contract shall be finalized, in which all the conditions are already clarified, including both the delivery and payment conditions, as well as the points that remained unspecified in Annex II and III of the GTC. If the Customer does not dispute the confirmation within 24 hours, it shall be deemed accepted, with which the contract shall be concluded.

V. Performance / Invoicing
The Contractor shall issue an invoice for the performed products and services in accordance with the provisions of the contract or order. An invoice other than the order may only be issued by the Contractor if there has been a change in the method of execution after the order and this has been recorded in writing with the Customer when it arose. The Contractor shall notify the Customer about the performance of the product or service and shall arrange the release or delivery of the product in accordance with the contents of the confirmation. The Parties shall consider the production of a given product to be completed if the number of copies ordered and the number of copies completed do not differ by more than 1%. The Parties shall also consider the order to be fulfilled if, in case of random tests, the proportion of products considered defective in relation to the total quantity does not exceed 2%. Upon receipt, the customer checks the quantity received and certifies its receipt by signing it. If you experience a quantitative discrepancy, you can only indicate it at the time of delivery. If in case of offset printing the Customer does not provide a sample or proof, or does not indicate in writing when ordering that he would like to be present and check the test print at machine start-up, thus confirming its acceptance by signing, the quality of the completed print is considered to be accepted. In case of digital printing, the Contractor shall provide a test print, provided that the Customer has notified the Contractor in writing before the start of production. Mass production may start after this has been signed by the Customer. If the product is made without the need for a test print, the Customer will no longer accept a complaint about the print quality of the printed product. The costs of printing corrections or more than one test print are to be paid by the Customer. The Contractor shall not be liable for any errors discovered in the finalized file after the corrections. The Parties agree that pre-performance and partial delivery of the ordered product is permitted. Furthermore, on the basis of an individual agreement, it is also possible to issue a collective invoice for continuous deliveries or a consolidated invoice for the fulfilment of several orders of the Customer in one period.
The deadline for performance is jointly agreed by the Parties and fixed in writing during ordering. The deadline for completion may be modified by the delayed course of business by the Customer (incomplete files or files to be edited, delayed feedback) as well as the delay in checking corrections, due to which the Contractor shall not be liable for the extended deadline.
By accepting this GTC, the Customer acknowledges that, in the absence of any other agreement, the transferred electronic files will be destroyed by the Contractor after 30 days after the delivery of the product.
The Contractor cannot be made responsible for the legal purity of the files received from the Customer or the printed products made from them, for the information contained therein, for their authenticity, nor shall they examine them. The Contractor shall not be liable and cannot be made responsible for any legal matters caused by the Customer’s product, whether caused to itself or to third parties. If the Contractor suffers a legal infringement regarding the content and distribution of the product by the Customer, the Customer shall be liable to undertake this damage and compensate it to the Contractor.
The Contractor hereby informs the Customer that Government Decree No. 60/1998 (III.27.) stipulates the provision of legal deposit copies for publications with ISBN and ISSN numbers. The quantity of the product by the Customer must also include the required legal deposit copies, the delivery of which, unless otherwise agreed, is performed by the Contractor.
The completed printing product can be picked up at a pre-agreed time or on working days between 8 am and 3 pm at the OOK-PRESS printing plant, otherwise the Contractor will deliver it to the given address for an extra charge. The Contractor shall store the products free of charge for 30 days after their completion, after which period he may charge a storage fee for the storage of undelivered products. If the finished product is not delivered even following several notifications, the Contractor shall be entitled to issue an invoice and the completed product shall be deemed completed in the given month. As a storage fee, the Contractor is entitled to charge 5% of the net value per day, the value of which may not exceed the net price of the product. Products not taken away for 6 months will be destroyed by the Contractor.

VI. File Content Requirements
In order to be able to provide the Client with a perfect quality print product, it is essential that the Contractor is given a file properly prepared for printing.
File format:
CMYK, composite (not colour-separated) PDF
CMYK, min. 300 DPI resolution.
Font types:
All the font types contained in the file should be embedded or rounded.
Following the approval no complaints are to be accepted for content or grammatical errors.
The files should contain only those colours that are actually planned for printing. If the Client does not specify that there are any custom colours (spot, pantone) in the output, they will be automatically converted to CMYK during file processing. The black text contained in the coloured publication, as well as the vector objects and graphics should be one-colour black and in case they are to be filled, the overprint should be set.
When using effect lacquer, UV varnish or cutting die, please set these layers as the 5th (spot, pantone) colour beyond CMYK.
Please provide the colours with registration and cutting marks of at least 3, rather with 5 mm and also with bending, folding, perforation marks, if necessary.
Please deliver the contents and cover of multi-page booklets, brochures and books in separate files. Please deliver the sides of the cover (B4-B1 outer sides, B2-B3 inner sides) together in side-pairs, and the contents page-by-page not in page-pairs, in a single file. If the publication has any blank pages, these should also be contained in the corresponding locations in the file. In the case of saddle-stitched materials, the total number of pages should be divisible by four.
Before designing adhesive-bound covers and hardcovers, please contact our product manager for the precise spine size!
The size of the sent content must be the same as the size given in the purchase order. In the case of bled off graphics, elements, etc., we ask for an overfill of +5 -5 mm. Except for hardcovers, where an overfilling of +20 -20 mm is required.
Data Storage Media:
We are able to receive and handle all well-known file formats. You can send your contents to us via e-mail (max. 10 MB), FTP (please, check availability by phone), CD, DVD, BD, flash drive, exclusively for PC platform.
It may be helpful for checking if we receive folding schemes, view presentations, scripts, colour patterns, so that the various errors in appearance can be avoided.

VII.  Handling Complaints
The Customer is entitled to review the completed order about the completed product or service before receiving the product. Complaints may only be indicated in writing, accompanied by a sample of the defective product or a document that can be proved by a photograph, to the Contractor’s contact person and product manager within 5 days of receipt of the product or within a maximum of 30 days of receipt as determined by the law. If it can be proved that the defective performance is due to the Contractor’s fault, the Contractor shall consider the complaint to be justified, shall replace or correct the defective quantity returned to them, following prior authorization, or issue a credit invoice to the Customer. If the Customer’s complaint is not accepted by the Contractor, the possible cost of return or replacement shall be borne by the Customer. In all cases, the Parties shall endeavour to settle any complaints amicably in order to mitigate the damage.

VIII.     Payment
The determination of the payment terms for the given order shall start already in the bidding phase, but shall be clarified until the order is finalized at the latest. The following payment methods are accepted: transfer in advance, cash payment, subsequent transfer. In case of late payment, the Contractor is entitled to charge a default interest in accordance with Section (1) 6:155. of the Civil Code. Furthermore, in the event of an invoice debt, the Contractor shall be entitled to suspend the fulfilment of current orders until the due claim(s) is/are settled or the product shall remain in the possession of the Contractor until its total invoiced value, including the default interest and other possible incurring costs, is fully paid for by the Customer to the Contractor.

IX. Miscellaneous Provisions
This contract shall be valid from 01/05/2018 and shall be made available to all interested parties on the Contractor’s website or will be sent upon request. From this period, it shall be applicable to all orders between the Parties.
The Customer may own only the completed product they paid for, all source materials produced by the Contractor as intellectual property shall be the property of the Contractor. After displaying them on any platform or media, the Contractor shall be entitled to a royalty.
Parties hereby agree that all cases not specified in this contract shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code. The Parties shall primarily try to settle any disputes amicably; if this is not possible, the Parties shall stipulate the Veszprém County Court to resolve the dispute, depending on its jurisdiction.

Approved by Attila Szathmáry, managing director

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