Our philosophy

We started as a small print shop with only a few specialists, who still work with us today. At that time, and even today we have always built on teamwork.  Our team has expanded since then, our ever-changing technology has helped us in the top league, but one thing has never changed: our dedication to work, to the ever-increasing need for quality, to the satisfaction of our team, of our employees and our clients. So we can say confidently: We have it hot off the press!

  • 1990

    The OOK-Press printing company in Veszprém originated from the small printing shop of the former Országos Oktatási Központ (State Education Center), hence the OOK company name.

  • 1997

    Mr. Attila Szathmáry takes over the company, and begins to develop and expand it.

  • 2000

    Thanks to the growth of the printing company the 1.000 m2 building in Csillag street becomes the new location of the company. Export customers represent an ever-increasing share in the customer base.

  • 2007

    Thanks to the constantly expanding, stable customer base the OOK-Press printing company is further developing, continues to grow, and the result is, that the company’s headquarters is relocated to an even larger, new location of a 2.100 m2 floor space in a building in Pápai street.

  • 2010-12

    The printing company expands its profile with cutting-edge plotter and digital machines, and with a new CTP device.

  • 2013

    Due to the increasing number of orders, a new, color-coded sheet-fed printing machine was purchased, with which an outstanding result in terms of resolution as well as in printing speed can be achieved.

  • 2014

    Firstly, in Central Europe, a new digital roll-up printing machine was procured which ensures a profitable production of black and white letterpress in smaller runs.

  • 2015

    The digital thread stitching machine was installed as an important pillar of the digital printing press series, and proved to be an excellent element of the ever-expanding series of production.

  • 2016

    The commissioning the book cover printing machine, which was unique in the market, became the flagship of our decor department.

  • 2017

    The OOK-Press printing company employs 45 employees in 2017, and since its existence it has been completely in the ownership of the same family. We can proudly state that we are already the second family generation of OOK-Press printing company, which ensures the way to success and the production of quality products.

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, Pápai str. 37/A
Phone: +36 88 425 260
Email: info[kukac]ookpress[pont]hu

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Workdays: AM 8.30- PM 4:00
Weekend: Closed

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