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Creating a Book

Creating a Book

When you get a book in your hands you sometimes wonder how it was made. This is a very interesting process. A book is created at OOK Printing look, as follows: First, the product managers receive an inquiry by e-mail, telephone, via the website or in person. It must include the parameters of the book, as well as the number of copies, paper quality… etc.

If the client finds the price offer suitable, the next step is an official written order. Then the actual production of the book begins following that. First, the product manager opens a work bag with all the important information about the given book, which accompanies each step of the workflow coming one after the other, giving precise instructions to the workers.

The work is then transferred to the preparatory room, where different things happen to the submitted content. If we receive print-ready PDFs, then our colleagues will mount it on the appropriate printing machine depending on whether the publication is four-colour or single-colour. There is a possibility for typesetting together with proofreading, if needed. The mounted contents are then transferred to the CTP (Computer-to-Plate department). Here the material is subjected to another inspection before the plates are made. The completed plates are taken to the printing machines by the machine masters and the printing of the interior and cover of the book thus begins. A sheet can also be started if needed. The printed sheets are taken to the appropriate folding machines after printing. After folding, if the publication is adhesive-bound or a threaded hardcover one, the sheets are added to the collating machine, whereas if it is a booklet or a newspaper, the folded sheets are taken to the saddle-stitcher. The ready-cut, stapled booklets can be transported after packaging.

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