File Content Requirements

In order to be able to provide you with a perfect print product, it is essential that you provide us with a file prepared for printing. With the information below, we would like to help you check your files before submitting them.
File Format: 
CMYK, composite (not colour-separated) PDF
CMYK, min. 300 DPI resolution
Letter Types:
All the letter types contained in the file should be embedded or bent.
After approval no complaint can be accepted for content or grammatical errors.
The files should contain only those colours that are planned for printing. If you do not specify that there are any custom colours (spot, pantone) in the output, they will automatically be converted to CMYK during file processing. The black text contained in the coloured output, the vector objects and graphics should be one-colour black. In case they are to be filled, overprint should be set.
When using effect lacquer, UV varnish or cutting die please set these layers as the 5th (spot, pantone) colour beyond CMYK.
Please provide the colours with registration and cutting marks of at least 3, rather with 5 mm and also with bending, folding, perforation marks, if necessary.
The contents and cover of multi-page booklets, brochures should be delivered in separate files. The sides of the cover (B4-B1 outer sides, B2-B3 inner sides) together, in side-pairs, the content page-by-page, not in page-pairs, in one file should be contained. If the output also has blank pages, these should also be contained in the corresponding locations in the file. In the case of stapled materials, the total number of pages should be divisible by 4. Before designing adhesive-coated lids and hardcovers, please contact our product manager for the back gauge!
The received file size should match the size given in the purchase order. In the case of bled off graphics, elements, etc., we ask for an overfill of +5 -5 mm, except hardcovers, where an overfilling of +20 -20 mm is required.
Data Storage Medium:
We can receive and manage all well-known file formats. You can send your files to us via e-mail (max. 10 MB), FTP (please check availability by phone), CD, DVD, BD, flash drive, exclusively for PC platform.
It supports the review when we also get folding schemes, view presentations, scripts, colour patterns. This helps in avoiding appearance errors.
Would you have any problems with the data provision, please contact our product managers.

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