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Print products of excellent quality (even with 2160 dpi resolution), high UV light resistance, long life, indoor and outdoor versions, with professional installation.
  • Large, permanent stock of various glossy, offset and design papers  
  • Foamed PVC panels, 1/3/5 mm thick, in white base colour
  • Dibond plates: 2/3 mm thick, in gray or white base colour
  • Honeycomb and cardboard cartons for unique, fast requirements  
  • Customer stoppers in different sizes for indoor and outdoor use •
  • Poster folding frames in different sizes
  • Paper selection in sheets and rolls for cost-effective execution  
  • Traditional or self-adhesive wallpaper  
  • Possibility of designing large format wall decors  
  • Production speed of even 200 m2 / hour (fast reaction even to larger quantities)
  • Possibility of 1-sided and 2-sided implementations
  • Possibility of layered prints (Braille or 3D texture)
  • We also undertake the printing of provided materials up to the thickness of 50 mm, even with a plate size of 300 x 200 cm
  • Possibility of spot varnish to highlight demanding details
  • Possibility of foil lamination with glossy or matte film as required
  • Competent design, professional execution
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