UV Plate Printing on Different Substrates

UV Plate Printing on Different Substrates - OOK Press

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Print products of excellent quality (even with 2160 dpi resolution), high UV light resistance, indoor and outdoor versions, up to a thickness of 50 mm, even in size of 300x200 cm.
  • Glass – printable from 2 mm up to 50 mm; Form etching already in one copy  
  • Plexi, milk opal  
  • Foamed PVC sheets  
  • Canvas
  • Hollow aluminum plates •
  • Mirror
  • Wood, fibreboard, MDF board - The print takes over the form and texture of the surface  
  • Foam cardboard
  • Possibility of printing with opaque white for sharper images  
  • Possibility for spot varnish
  • Precise cut with circular saw or laser
  • Competent design, professional execution
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